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The Gothik APA is no longer around. We've merged with the Phoenix APA, a fine bunch o' folks. I am still trying to keep these links updated, however. If you have an APA site and would like to be listed here, e-mail me.

Amateur Press Association Links

• APA-5
Founded by Mark Verheiden in 1972. Past members include Frank Miller, Paul Chadwick, Mike Richardson, Chris Warner and other comic book and motion picture professionals. We are dedicated to exploring popular culture and to presenting new art, writing, and comics from the membership. Lively debate, reviews, and art abound in each issue.

• APA-69
Founded in 1976 by Lord Jim Khennedy as a discussion area for sexuality and human relationships, as well as creative erotica.

• APA Centauri
Started in 1980 ostensibly as a comics-oriented APA, it has hosted nearly 200 members in that time, with about 20,000 pages of material contributed.  We have always been a lively group, submitting original fiction and artwork, collaborating on projects, making friends (and sometimes enemies), chatting about our lives, and commenting on each other’s work. Now more of a general interest APA.

• Alarums and Excursions
Begun back in 1975, A&E is a photocopied monthly roleplaying game APA with contributors from across the US, UK, and Canada plus occasional contributors from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Norway.

• All of the Above
A bi-monthly APA with its primary focus on GURPS, Steve Jackson Games’ Generic Universal Role Playing System.

• American Amateur Press Association
A nation-wide non-profit organization of amateur journalists founded in 1936. The purpose of the association is the promotion of amateur journalism and fellowship of amateur writers, editors, printers, and publishers; and the circulation of their work among the membership.

• American Private Press Association
An association of amateur journalists and private printers whose primary goal is the collecting, preservation, and sharing of small press productions.

• Anzapa
The Australian and New Zealand APA. Established in October 1968, ANZAPA is still going strong and is now one of the longest continually running APAs within fandom.

• Aoterapa
An APA based in New Zealand, with correspondents in three countries.

• APAcalypse
A bi-monthly APA dedicated to the art of Role-playing.

• APAGear II
A monthly APA dedicated to Dream Pod 9’s Heavy Gear science fiction setting.

• Apatoons
An APA for fans of animated cartoons. It was founded in 1981 by a small core group that included founders Don Markstein and GiGi Dane, as well as the sole remaining charter member, Jim Korkis. Together with a changing roster of a virtual Who’s Who of animation fandom, they meet six times a year via the mail to exchange information, stories, and just discuss animation.

• Bird Scramble!
A Gatchaman/Battle of the Planets/G-Force APA that is an outlet for fan stories, art, cartoons, translations and discussions.

• Butterbur’s Woodshed
An APA sponsored by the Mythopoeic Society. It focuses on contemporary fantasy literature and supports the Society’s Mythopoeic Fantasy Awards with specific topics chosen for each issue. Butterbur’s Woodshed is published bimonthly with deadlines the first of odd-numbered months.

• Comicopia
A bi-monthly comics APA currently celebrating its 8th year. Comicopia is always on the lookout for people who want to: Showcase their work, Remember the “good old days”, discuss comics with like-minded adults, or simply just enjoy the industry and the joys of being part of an APA.

The Edgar Rice Burroughs Amateur Press Association provides fans and collectors of Edgar Rice Burroughs with a quarterly forum for discussion of ERB, his works, and related topics.

• Esoteric Order of Dagon - The H.P. Lovecraft APA
An Amateur Press Association with focus upon the Life, Literature, and Legacy of Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

• Everlasting Club, The
Also known as the Ghost Story APA. It is for the discussion of ghost stories and related matters. Members are discouraged (but not banned) from including their own fiction.

• Force, The
An APA devoted to Star Wars, general science fiction, and anything else that interests its membership.

• Furthest North Crew,The
A Canadian-based, non-profit APA devoted to the subject of anthropomorphics.

• Futurian Amateur News
A quarterly German language APA focusing on Science Fiction, Fantasy and some general interests such as independent music, politics and popular culture.

• Gallery APA /
Gallery is an APA/'zine for cartoonists and illustrators.

• Haymaker
A quarterly APA about Champions (a super-hero roleplaying game) and the rest of the Hero System, founded in 1992.

• Huzzah!
An anthropomorphic APA which is produced quarterly in Valencia, California, right next to Cal Arts, where the Disney animators get trained. It’s a mix of illustrated stories and straight artwork, but no straight text stuff.

• Imaginapa
A general interest, sci-fi based APA dedicated to fandom in all of its diverse forms.

• Ink Spots
A bi-monthly APA dedicated to promoting comic and cartoon art among professional and amateur artists. Along with original material by the membership, Ink Spots will contain articles by and about established cartoonists and comic artists, plus other writing related to the medium.

• Interlac APA
The first and still-running APA dedicated to the Legion of Super-Heroes.

• Interregnum APA
An APA that covers roleplaying games and the fields of science fiction and fantasy in general. Each issue is published eight times a year and is made up of ten or more “zines” which are written and designed by different authors.

• Jovian APAworks
An unofficial amateur press association dedicated to the Jovian Chronicles science fiction setting published by Dream Pod 9 as a roleplaying game and tactical war game.

Founded in 1976 as an attempt to connect Los Angeles fans with the rest of science fiction and fantasy fandom. The APA has evolved to encompass fans from around the US and the world.

• Legends
The first and only APA for Earthdawn, a fantasy role-playing game, published by FASA Corporation, that takes place in a highly magical Earth of the past.

• Legends APA
A bimonthly publishing alliance devoted to comics in general, with an emphasis on DC Comics. Our members come from across North America.

The Marvel Zombie Society APA was founded in 1988 is a creative community for fans of ALL comic books, fantasy, popular entertainment, media, science fiction and related fields.

• Megamorphics
Furry fandom’s first and only furry macrophilia APA.

• National Amateur Press Association
NAPA is the oldest Amateur Press group in the world.  From the first convention in 1876 (Philadelphia) to 2000 (Las Vegas), this organization has been dedicated to the furtherance of Amateur Journalism as a hobby.

• Neffer Amateur Press Association
A bi-monthly journal of science fiction, science fact, politics, pop culture, random rants, and much more.

• Northstar APA
An APA whose focus is on comic book fans who happen to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or at least friendly to those groups.

• Once Upon A Time
An APA sponsored by the Mythopoeic Society, devoted to Children’s Fantasy literature.

• ORComix APA
The APA for the Organized Readers of Comics Association (ORCA). CM contact e-mail

• Organisation , The
A monthly UK APA, currently about a dozen strong, born out of the Pieces of Eight APA quite a few years ago. It still remembers its roots in SF fandom, but discussions range far and wide. Many members contribute mostly personal/diary material.

• Pagan APA
A bimonthly APA whose focus is on paganism.

• Phoenix APA
Devoted to just about everything that can be considered popular culture—movies, TV, comic books, science name it, we’ve probably talked about it or have members that are interested in it.

• Point of Divergence
Started in 1995 as an APA aimed at the alternate history/alternate worlds enthusiast. Point of Divergence is a (cocktail party/BBS /Usenet Newsgroup) on paper—an area to discuss Alternate History topics, as well as a forum for writers in the genre to workshop their stories and gain constructive criticism from the membership.

• Rallying Call
An APA for fans of the British SF television show Blakes 7.

• Renegade Legion APA
An on-line APA for the FASA Corporation game, Renegade Legion.

• Robert-E-Howard: Electronic Amateur Press Association
An electronic APA that archives a growing collection of e-journals from the members of REHEAPA, all relevant to the work of Robert Ervin Howard.

• Robert E. Howard United Press Association, The
Founded by Tim Marion in 1972, REHUPA serves as a bimonthly forum for membership discussion of the life and work of Robert E. Howard, and related topics. The membership roster is limited to a maximum of 30 members, and includes people from many different walks of life. The discussions are far ranging, though centering on the common theme of REH and his work.

• Sord & Sworcery APA
A quarterly Science Fiction & Fantasy APA containing mostly fiction and artwork.

• Tecton Star, The
A bimonthly APA dedicated to the Sime~Genͺ universe of Jacqueline Lichtenberg.

• Temple APA
A bimonthly APA that serves as a learning ground for comic artists and writers all over the United Kingdom.

• United Amateur Press Association of America
Established in 1895 for the purpose of bringing amateur writers together to share their creative writings, exhange ideas, and encourage printers and desktop publishers to produce newsletters from their home print shops.

W” Amateur Publishing Alliance is a bi-monthly publishing alliance devoted to comics in general, science fiction and popular culture.

A bimonthly fanzine devoted to Marvel Comics’ X-Men. Members are requested to contribute at least four pages every other issue (that’s an average of a page/month). Recent issues have averaged about a hundred pages.

APA Resources

• Amateur Press Association Net Ring
A system that allows amateur press association related web sites to band together and form their sites into linked "circles" thus enabling more visitors (potential members!) to reach them quickly and easily and increasing site traffic.

• Apatalk FAQ
Former mailing list on APAs Frequently Asked Questions.

• Alternative Gallery Archive, The
An Archive founded in 1982, focusing on the Alternative and Antiauthoritarian Press.

• Fandom Directory Online
An annual directory covering all areas of fandom, including APAs. Also has an on-line Fandom Directory search engine.

• Mike Rawdons APA Page
A nice, chatty introduction to APAs. Also includes links to APAs with web sites. List yours here.

"A place where Small Press creators and Fans [can] come together chat, post news and meet each other." The site also has a listing of comics related APAs.

• New Moon Directory
A handy, annual directory that lists all known APAs.

The free internet directory of independent artists and writers. Designed to help promote the creative work of independent writers, musicians, illustrators, zine publishers, film makers, and other independent artists.

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