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The APA of Vertigo and Alternative Comics

A Chain

Amateur Press Association Links

An APA published bi-monthly and devoted to comic books in general and the Legion of Super-Heroes in particular.

An APA for people interested in Manga.

A comic themed APA. To contribute you must have access to e-mail.

A general interest APA with a publication deadline of every two months.

American Private Press Association
A non-profit organization whose sole purpose is the preservation of amateur journals, fanzines, and private press material.

A general interest APA. It is a gathering of people who enjoy writing, and having their writings read by others. Unlike most APAs, Apademic is broken down into three sections. The first section is where the members write about themselves, their lives, and make comments to other members; it is the section that most closely resembles other APAs I have seen. The creative writings of the members (poetry, stories, etc) are collated in the second section. The third section is a round robin story.

Teams ‘n’ Titans
An APA focusing on comics and comic teams with a slant toward the Titans. Contributions consist of artwork, essays, fiction, discussion of stories past and present, as well as comments on the APA itself.

The Comic and Fantasy Art Amateur Press Association, is a small collective of people that appreciate graphic art created for comic strips, comic books, and fantasy illustrations. This organization is the oldest one of its type.

Futurian Amateur News
A quarterly German language APA focusing on Science Fiction, Fantasy and some general interests such as independent music, politics and popular culture.

David Laws Creating Comics
An invaluable resource that provides helpful articles and links covering all aspects of creating your own comic.

Gallifreyan Home Companion, The
An APA for The Time Meddlers, a Los Angeles based Doctor Who fan club. They do accept non-member submissions to the APA.

Toonville APA
An amateur press association for cartoonists.

An APA centered around a science fiction/fantasy theme that brings members from across Canada and the United States together to create and publish a fanzine of artwork and prose.

L.O.C. Send
The Elfquest Holt Leaders APA.

North American Fur
NAF is a non-profit APA dedicated to the creation of, and sole discussion of, anthropomorphic stories and artwork. This publication is rated “R” (restricted) in material content and is published on April 20th, and October 20th of every year. [May eventually have a pointer here to the new site.]

Whereabouts Unknown
A quarterly APA devoted to the X-Files character, Alex Krycek. [Stopped publication.]

APA Tarot
A bi-monthly APA for Tarot enthusiasts.



Cabal APA, The Our primary focus is the Horror Gaming Genre. Especially the game Dark Conspiracy.


Alpha-Omega Cyberspace Guide, The A portal to SF/Fandom sites on the web. List your fandom related APA here.


British Amateur Press Association BAPA began as far back as 1890 to bring together hobby writers, illustrators and letterpress printers to share their interest with each other and has grown to include computer desk top publishing.


Hallowe’en APA An APA devoted to Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy

Hundred Books, The An electronic print APA for Tribe 8, a Dream Pod 9 role-playing game, that is found at the Welcome to the Rust Wastes web site.


GraphAPA A French APA devoted to comic and SF art.


Project, The A listing of APAs with e-mail, snail mail addresses and web sites.


Fantasy Realms Journal APA A world wide web APA composed of individual articles, reviews, fiction, poetry and commentary. It is formatted and collated by the editors. Articles, fiction, poetry and artwork are submitted by individuals and all opinions and credit/blame for content are theirs. We don’t own the material, and if you are interested in including it in a book, game, magazine, or website you should contact the individual who created it (most items include an email link to do just that).

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